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iAquaLink SSID/Set-up

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How do I set-up wireless parameters using a computer?
Remove the two (2) screws from the cover of the iAquaLink J-box. Remove the gasket and cover. Locate the WiFi/Wired switch and ensure it is in the WiFi position. Using a USB cable, connect the iAquaLink J-Box to an internet enabled computer. Download the WiFi Set-up tool below and follow the directions. iAquaLink WiFi Setup Tool 1.2.1 for Mac OS X 10.6+ iAquaLink WiFi Setup Tool 1.2.1 for Windows
How do I determine WiFi signal strength between iAquaLink and the router?
Note: A OneTouch controller is required From the One Touch Controller, select MENU / HELP. Select HELP, then DIAGNOSTICS. Select CONTINUE until the "iAquaLink RSSI" screen appears. Wait for the RSS (Relative Signal Strength) indicator to refresh. WiFi strength will show "X/5 Bars", with X being the relative strength out of 5.
How do I set-up a wired connection to iAquaLink?
Remove the two (2) screws from the cover of the iAquaLink J-box. Remove the gasket and cover. Locate the WiFi/WIRED switch and ensure it is in the WIRED position. Using standard Ethernet cable, connect one end of the cable into the connector on the device board. Connect the other end to the home network’s router. To allow the cable to exit the device, grasp the break-away piece and move it back and forth until it snaps off. Wrap the cable as shown inside the device and use the break-away as an exit hole. Replace the gasket cover, and two screws (see Quick Start Guide or Installation Manual).
How do I connect iAquaLink to the power center board?
Ensure all power to the AquaLink power center is off. With the dead front panel removed, feed the red 4-pin connector through the bottom access hole into the low-voltage raceway. Guide the connector and wire through to the rear of the power center board. Pull the connector between the PC board & the metal brace, and connect it to the red 4-pin socket as shown. Up to two devices can be connected to one 4-pin socket (two wires per hole). If more capacity is needed, a 6584 multiplex board can be installed. See “helpful hints” section or see instructions included with the 6584 for more information. Ensure that all wires are properly attached to the Red 4-pin connector. The colors are 4-Green, 3-Yellow, 2-Black, 1-Red looking from left to right. Ensuring wires are not pinched, tilt up the metal board plate into position and replace the two screws. Replace the dead-front panel and reattach the screws. Turn power back on to the power center.
How should I position iAquaLink for maximum WiFi performance?
Attach the Web Connect Device as close to the home’s router as possible. Locate the WiFi/Wired switch and ensure it is in the WiFi position Mount the antenna at least 6 ft. (2m) high and 10 ft. (3m) from any electric motor, device, or metal object. If signal strength is weak, there are several ways to improve it: If there are existing wired controllers in the house, you can connect the Web Connect Device to the 4-wire cable used for the controller. This can serve to locate the device indoors, closer to the router (availability depending on countries). Up to 100 ft. (30m) of 4-wire (22 AWG / 0,5 mm² solid copper) cable can be used to connect the iAquaLink device to move it closer to the home’s router. Use one continuous cable—DO NOT splice. A wireless access point can be added to the home’s network (available at most electronics stores)

iAquaLink Brochures and Manuals

iAquaLink Pool Automation Brochure
Language: EN
iAquaLink Quick Start Guide
Languages: ENG/FR/ESP
iAquaLink Web Connect Device Installation Manual
iAquaLink Owner's Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iAquaLink?
iAquaLink is a system: a device, a web service, and a set of mobile and web apps to allow pool owners easy and convenient control of their pool or inground pool/spa system, from their smart phone, tablet, computer, or web-connected device, any time, virtually anywhere.
Where can iAquaLink be installed?
iAquaLink can be installed on virtually any in-ground pool or pool spa system. Installation options are available for virtually any Zodiac branded AquaLink Automation system ever made.
What does iAquaLink “installation” consist of?
iAquaLink installation consists of connecting a small networking device (the iAquaLink Web Connect Device) a pool professional installs on an AquaLink automation system. The device can be mounted indoors or out, depending on specific site requirements as determined by a pool professional. Once installed, the device connects to the internet, via the pool-owners router. The device can be connected to the router using a WiFi (wireless) or Ethernet (wired) connection.
Where can iAquaLink be used?
Virtually anywhere. You just need a free iAquaLink account and a compatible web-connected device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) running one of our free apps, and an internet connection.
What devices are compatible with iAquaLink apps?
Apps are available for Apple® and Android® smartphones & tablets. Apps can be downloaded from Apple's App-Store and the Android Market respectively. An HTML5 mobile web-app can be used on many other smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. iAquaLink can be used on more mobile device platforms than any other pool control system.
What's an App?
There are two kinds of iAquaLink apps: Native apps are programs that can be downloaded, from app stores such as Apple's® App-Store or Google's® Android Market. Web-apps look and function just like a native app, but run inside a web-browser. Many popular devices such as e-readers or low-cost tablets may not have access to an app store where an iAquaLink native app can be downloaded. In this case, a web-app can be used to control the pool — assuming the device's browser is HTML5 compatible. Many devices with color touch screens manufactured in the last few years are compatible. To test your device for compatibility, just try it out. Go to iAquaLink.com and run the mobile web-app. Trying it out cannot damage your mobile device or your iAquaLink device.
Is a mobile device included with iAquaLink?
No. iAquaLink is designed to run on devices pool owners already have and enjoy.
How much do the apps cost?
iAquaLink apps are free to download and use.
How much does the service cost?
The iAquaLink service is free to set up and use. It can be set up in minutes.
What if I already have other user interfaces?
If you already have an AquaLink control system with other interfaces (touch pads, control panels, remotes, etc.), you can continue to use them with iAquaLink, however they are not necessary - iAquaLink can be your only interface.
Is there any advantage to using a “hard-wired” interface?
"iAquaLink is the easiest to use, most powerful interface we've ever made. Because it takes advantage of existing computers, and web-connected devices, there are no unsightly wires to route through the home, wall panels, or charging bases required. iAquaLink does require an internet connection, as does the interface being used to control it (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) Therefore, some pool owners may wish to have at least one local (non-internet-connected) Jandy Controls interface as well. An experienced pool professional can help in determining the optimal setup for any particular situation."
What can be controlled using iAquaLink?
Virtually all pool equipment settings can be controlled using iAquaLink. It's like having our top-of-the-line interface in your smart device. With iAquaLink, you can monitor and control pumps, pool & spa lights, temperature settings, solar heating systems, and water features such as waterfalls, water jets, spill-overs, and more. Outside the pool, landscape lights and irrigation systems can also be controlled. The choices of what iAquaLink can control are only limited by your imagination.
What if I have multiple pools, or more than one home?
Multiple pools and multiple locations can be operated from the same app, with just one log-in. To change the pool being controlled, just touch the settings tab and select the location you wish to control. It doesn't get any easier.
How can I share? Can my family all use iAquaLink?
The homeowner can grant access to the iAquaLink system by providing the iAquaLink device serial number and access to your home network. Once the pool is set up on their account, they can control the pool from anywhere. Your spouse, friends, and even your pool service pro can operate your pool - if you choose.
How about Security? Can I remove someone's access to my pool?
The homeowner posses full control of who has access to the iAquaLInk. From the home network, you can remove your pool from other user account's. Your iAquaLink device is as secure as the network it is connected to. Reasonable steps can be taken to secure your home network - such as changing the SSID (the network name), not broadcasting the SSID, or changing the network password (sometimes called a "key"). Because all routers are slightly different, detailed instructions on how to do this may be found in the owners manual for your router, or by contacting the router manufacturer's customer or technical support department.
Can I install iAquaLink myself?
Installing iAquaLink is not a DIY project. Installing the iAquaLink device can involve working in close proximity to high-voltage, high-current electrical systems which have the potential to cause severe injury or death. It also requires detailed knowledge of how a pool automation system operates. Only a licensed, qualified pool professional or electrician should attempt to install iAquaLink. Before installing iAquaLink read all warnings contained in the Quick-Start Guide or the iAquaLink Installation Manual.
Does iAquaLink support multiple languages?
iAquaLink currently supports English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Russian and Afrikaneer with more to come in the future. In addition, the iAquaLink apps will detect the language used on the smart phone or tablet, and use that language as the default. Local (non-internet-connected) interfaces are English-only (availability depending on countries).